Dear Helen,

Monday, 11 July 2011

Polygamy is all the rage these days, isn’t it?

Why are there so many shows about Mormon families on TV? What is the appeal? 
You must think me old fashioned. I don’t see the point in polygamy. In fact, if I project the whole nutty idea onto myself, it makes me just a little nauseated. Imagine having 3 or 4 husbands! It would drive me insane, darling. I have enough men around me, why would I want them in the house, too? And what if they wanted to have children, like those Mormons always seem to? Can you imagine it – me pregnant all year round, ending up with 15 children?
No, I’m afraid the idea of polygamy is just silly. Thank goodness the law doesn’t allow it. I fail to see see why women would want it – if you feel like a little variety, you can always have another lover, can’t you? But the decent thing to do is to keep your lovers relatively secret from your husband, so it won’t hurt his feelings. That is simply the etiquette, in matters of love. Young people don’t learn that, anymore.
I suppose I decided to open up my letters to the public on just that premise – that the populace at large, and the young crowd especially, needs to be taught proper etiquette in the carnal sphere. Young people are only taught nonsense, these days. I suppose I should go to schools and give inspiring talks. Maybe I will, one day.

Dear Helen,

Gosh, I didn’t know you would take this subject to heart so. I’m sure that “Sister Wives” is a lovely TV Show. But really, dear…
For your sake, I watched a 10 minute fragment. It appalled me. You know that I cannot quite understand why a woman would make do with one man, her entire life. One quarter of one man seems downright absurd, to me. 
Secondly, the women in Sister Wives are appallingly unattractive. This show is hardly an advertisement for polygamy. Wouldn’t any sensible man run away fast, if he saw what was in store for him? Four dowdy girls, and 16 children to support!

Having more partners is only fun if you see them now and then, believe me. You can keep maybe one permanently, to have someone around if you’re the sort that doesn’t like to sleep alone.  And the rest you collect for fun. With the understanding that you can exchange them for new ones the moment you grow tired of them. 
I’m sorry, but I feel I have to speak this bluntly to you. I can just see you running off to be the 5th wife of that silly Mormon, and the next thing I know, I sit here watching you in that embarrassing reality soap. It would mortify me.


Katherine on 12 July 2011 at 18:46 said...

Just the word "sister wife" creeps me out! My co-worker and I have joked about being non-practicing lesbians when we get sick of our husbands... but to be a REAL sister wife... I mean, the man would think he is all that and a bag of chips, right?

Anonymous said...

I find that so many of those tedious household chores, including the ones in the carnal sphere, can easily be done by staff. It makes life so much simpler.

Lisa on 14 July 2011 at 01:38 said...

Katherine, you are entirely right - if a man is allowed to keep several women on the premises, he will fall prey to conceit. And conceit is not becoming in a man.

The concept of non-practicing lesbians, my dear, is brilliant.

Lisa on 14 July 2011 at 01:46 said...

Oh my dear Anonymous...How right you are, as usual! One would be helped out tremendously if one had staff, not only to clean and cook, but to do chores in the carnal sphere!

Because, between you and me, it does sometimes get a little tedious, doesn't it? At first, when one is in love, it's all fun and games, but after the first few months (or weeks) the novelty wears off. Delegating these chores would be so convenient.

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