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Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Burke annoyed with me – so humourless of him!
I hadn’t been in my house in the Netherlands for a while, a small place in the center of an old town, quite adorable but one does so dislike the weather.
Apparently it had been sunnier than I knew – when I walked into my bedroom, I saw that the Hedera Helix had grown into my open window! (Forgot to close it before I left, the last time, and the neighbours are apparently too busy with whatever they spend their life doing to notice my open window and close it. We’re in the age of the Selfish Society, as you know…)
And not just a few centimeters, either! I must send you a photo – the tendrils extend well into the room, it’s actually quite charming! But Burke of course emphasized my ‘sloppiness’, which seems a little unfair, since this could happen to anyone. He was irritated about having to sleep amid so many open suitcases, too, with clothes flung over them and on the floor. Not recent suitcases, either – they’ve been there since my last trip to Holland, which was, oh, a year and a half ago. 
He takes these things so seriously. I like a tidy room, too – but where do I get the staff? In a sense it’s his own fault, for not having more money. Which is because he’s been married such a lot. Shouldn’t be taking that out on me, should he. If he can’t pay for someone to clean up after the both of us, he shouldn’t complain if things are a little less than perfect, now and then.

Don't you rather agree?

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